HP LaserJet Pro 500 color MFP M570 - DSL

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A digital subscriber line (DSL) uses digital technology over standard copper telephone wires. This product is

not directly compatible with those digital signals. However, if the configuration is specified during DSL setup,

the signal can be separated so that some of the bandwidth is used to transmit an analog signal (for voice and

fax) while the remaining bandwidth is used to transmit digital data.


Not all faxes are compatible with DSL services. HP does not guarantee that the product will be

compatible with all DSL service lines or providers.


Use fax 133

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A typical DSL modem employs a filter to separate the higher frequency DSL modem communication from

lower frequency analog phone and fax modem communication. It is often necessary to use a filter with

analog phones and analog fax products that are connected to a telephone line used by a DSL modem. The

DSL service provider usually provides this filter. Contact the DSL provider for more information or for