HP LaserJet Pro 500 color MFP M570 - Set the number of rings-to-answer

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Set the number of rings-to-answer

When the answer mode is set to


, the product rings-to-answer setting determines the number of

times the telephone rings before the product answers an incoming call.

If the product is connected to a line that receives both fax and voice calls (a shared line) and that also uses an

answering machine, you might need to adjust the rings-to-answer setting. The number of rings-to-answer

for the product must be greater than the rings-to-answer on the answering machine. This allows the

answering machine to answer the incoming call and record a message if it is a voice call. When the answering

machine answers the call, the product listens to the call and automatically answers it if it detects fax tones.

The default setting for rings-to-answer is five for the U.S. and Canada, and two for other countries/regions.

Use the following table to determine the number of rings-to-answer to use.


Configure receive fax settings 127

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Type of telephone line

Recommended rings-to-answer setting

Dedicated fax line (receiving only fax calls)

Set to a number of rings within the range shown on the control-

panel display. (The minimum and maximum number of rings

allowed varies by country/region.)

One line with two separate numbers and a ring-pattern service

One or two rings. (If you have an answering machine or computer

voicemail for the other telephone number, make sure that the

product is set to a greater number of rings than the answering

system. Also, use the distinctive-ring feature to differentiate

between voice and fax calls.)

Shared line (receiving both fax and voice calls) with only an

attached telephone

Five rings or more.

Shared line (receiving both fax and voice calls) with an attached

answering machine or computer voicemail

Two rings more than the answering machine or computer


To set or change the number of rings-to-answer, use the following steps:


From the Home screen on the product control panel, touch the Setup button.


Touch the

Fax Setup



Touch the

Basic Setup



Touch the

Rings to Answer



Use the keypad to enter the number of rings, and then touch the